FFP™ Fixed Plate Cloth Filter FFP™ Fixed Plate Cloth Filter FFP™ Fixed Plate Cloth Filter FFP™ Fixed Plate Cloth Filter FFP™ Fixed Plate Cloth Filter FFP™ Fixed Plate Cloth Filter FFP™ Fixed Plate Cloth Filter

Fixed Plate Cloth Filter

Fluidyne FFP™ Cloth Media Plate Filters remove suspended solids as small as 10 micron and can be configured for flows ranging from 10,000 to 1,200,000 GPD per unit. Units are offered in completely assembled 100% SS free-standing packages, or as modules for retro-fit into new or existing concrete basins.

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Each independent media plate is made up of two rectangular cloth panels which face each other within a stationary framework. Influent enters the filter, then is directed to the bottomside of each plate. Suspended solids collect on the interior surfaces of the cloth plates or settle to the bottom of the channel, with clean, treated water collecting in the filter's main tankage area.


As solids accumulate on the cloth surface, water level in the influent channel begins to rise, eventually initiating a backwash operation. Each independent cloth plate is cleaned in sequence by allowing gravity to force flow in reverse. Backwash flow is produced entirely by gravity, by simply opening each plates associated backwash valve. Air is injected within the interior of the plate during backwash to enhance cleaning.


Fluidyne FFP™ Cloth Media Filters feature an innovative fixed panel design that uses simple gravity to produce filtration and backwash flow. This high performance, low-operating cost, tertiary cloth media filter is suitable for both large and small wastewater treatment applications.


Fluidyne FFP™ cloth filters are available for flows ranging from 10,000 gpd up to 1.2 MGD. Larger flows can be treated with multiple packaged units or with FFP™ filter modules designed for new & existing concrete tanks & basins.


Fluidyne FFP™ cloth filters offer low maintenance, small footprint solutions ideally suited for:

  • Smaller Communities
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Industrial Applications
  • Food Processing
  • Residential Developments

Please contact Fluidyne or your local rep for specific recommendations.

  • Fixed cloth media plates ELIMINATE submerged moving parts.
  • Filters use simple open/close pneumatic valves to produce forward & backwash flow.
  • NO chain drives, drive motors, spray bars, or high pressure or vacuum pumps required.
  • No traveling bridge, rakes, or sliding shoes. Media is fixed in place at all times.
  • 100% acrylic cloth media panels are durable, chemically resistant & inexpensive (long media life).
  • Reduced mechanical equipment and maintenance.
  • Reduced electrical requirements (no 3ph required).
  • Inside-Out flow pattern allows heavy solids to be flushed out with backwash (no sludge manifold).
  • Filter plates can be isolated & removed without discontinuing flow, bypassing, or storage (reduced redundancy).
  • Packages delivered completely assembled requiring only simple 1ph power & piping hookups (simple installation).
  • Lower operating & electrical costs. Even less with plant air supply.
  • Limited or reduced concrete tankage & footprint.
  • Reduced equipment, installation, & lifetime operating costs.