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Jet Aspiration

Jet aspiration is a simple, efficient and cost effective solution to wastewater treatment and mixing problems. Liquid from the tank is pumped through a specially designed double nozzle assembly which aspirates air into the mixing section. The combined air/liquid plume is then discharged below the surface to provide high oxygen transfer and off-bottom solids suspension.


The principle is simple, liquid from below the surface is pumped through a specially designed nozzle. In passing through the nozzle, the liquid flow increases in velocity. Air is drawn into the low pressure zone in the aspirator and mixes with the liquid in an outer nozzle, forcing oxygen to transfer into solution. The jet plume then discharges through the liquid into the basin and mixes the oxygenated liquid in the plume with the bulk of the basin liquid. The result is efficient oxygenated mixing at a reasonable cost, especially designed for small applications.


In the fixed units, the motive pump is submersible with an integrally mounted motor and is suitable for many different wastewater treatment and mixing applications. The jet aspirating nozzle assembly is mounted directly to the jet motive pump. The entire assembly is retrievable on guide rails for service and maintenance. The pump body is cast iron with a corrosion resistant coating. The jet aspirating nozzle assembly is fabricated out of stainless steel or corrosion resistant fiberglass.


Portable aspirators are submerged units which are effective bottom mixing devices. The nozzle is close to the basin floor providing scouring velocities which lift solids from the floor toward the surface. Multiple units can also be positioned to create a circular mixing pattern which will make more efficient use of mixing energy input. These units are adapted to holding tanks, aerobic lagoons, aerobic digesters with secondary solids, small oxidation channels, SBRs, ISAM™ and equalization basins. These can also be adapted to temporary aeration applications. 

  • Simple & low maintenance
  • Quick and easy to install
  • No additional piping required
  • No compressed air required
  • Efficient & low cost
  • Constant pump power, not variation
  • Complete system delivered & installed