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Grit Classifier

The Hydro-Grit™ Classifier is designed for the separation, dewatering and removal of settleable inorganic material typically at the inlet/headworks of a municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plant.



The grit classifier consists of a sloping bottom tank and a screw conveyor. The grit settled at the bottom of the tank is collected, lifted by the screw conveyor and then drained and discharged. The screw diameter and consequently the grit classifier model varies according to the volume of grit to be dewatered.


The Hydro-Grit™ Classifier can either be a stand-alone unit or it can work in conjunction with the Hydro-Grit™ Grit Vortex Separator, which separates grit from the entire influent flow entering the plant. The concentrated grit from the Grit Vortex Separator is airlifted or pumped to the classifier for further separation, dewatering and removal.


The Hydro-Grit™ Classifier incorporates lamella plate sedimentation for separating the grit and other inorganic solids, and a shaftless screw conveyor for dewatering and removal of the settled material.



The shaftless screw design maximizes grit recovery, allowing water to flow back through the centre of the helix.


Sized to allow organic solids entering the classifier to remain in suspension and return as supernatant for downstream biological treatment.


The lamella plate design provides a settling area several times larger than the surface area of the classifier enabling greater recovery rates and reduced retention times.

  • Body available in 304 or 316 stainless steel construction
  • The shaftless screw is fabricated of high-tensile special alloy
  • Ultra-efficient shaftless screw conveyor operates at very low RPM to
    increase grit capture
  • Continuous degritting virtually eliminates grit plugging associated with
    stop/start operation
  • Internal wear resistant liner increases life cycle
  • Upflow parallel plate separator improves performance and reduces grit carryover