SBR Sequencing Batch Reactor SBR Sequencing Batch Reactor SBR Sequencing Batch Reactor SBR Sequencing Batch Reactor SBR Sequencing Batch Reactor SBR Sequencing Batch Reactor SBR Sequencing Batch Reactor

Sequencing Batch Reactor

The Fluidyne Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) handles all of the work of conventional continuous-flow treatment systems in just one tank. There may be multiple tanks in operation, but that is modular adjustment to capacity needs. All processes - biological, oxidation, sedimentation, nitrification and denitrification occur in a single tank. There is no need for separate aerating and mixing zones or final clarifiers common in other biological processes.


Fluidyne's SBR system is designed for batch treatment of waste water. It's an excellent choice for systems with a wide range of inflow and/or organic loadings, systems with limited operator attention or experienced operators, and systems that require extremely close control of effluent quality. While Fluidyne's SBR plants are mechanically simple, flexible and easily operable, the design is based on the most current and sophisticated technology, yet rooted in proven treatment concepts.

Although the process is complex, the equipment and operation of the SBR is simple. Each tank is equipped with an influent diffuser, a jet aerator, a solids-excluding decanter and a waste sludge pump.

Influent Diffuser: As influent enters the SBR, it is forced to the sludge blanket by a fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) or stainless steel influent diffuser. This eliminates the worry of any short-circuiting and promotes a fast settling biological floc (low SVI).

Jet Aeration: Jet aeration equipment in the SBR is connected to a pump and blower to provide the oxygen source for the biological reaction. Jet aeration provides high oxygen transfer and complete mixing to provide both anoxic and aerobic conditions as required to promote biological nutrient removal. Jets, with their large solids handling capability and robust design are ideal for the constant on/off operation common with SBRs.

Decanter: Fluidyne’s patented fixed solids-excluding decanter is the key component in withdrawing the highest quality effluent. Unlike other decanting devices, the decanter has no moving parts in the basin requiring service. Any maintenance can be done from outside the tank. The decanter includes an air block during all cycles. When it is time to remove the treated effluent, air is evacuated and clear water is discharged.

Waste Sludge: Fluidyne uses a separate waste sludge pump and sludge line. This keeps the MLSS level constant in the reactor for optimum biological treatment. Automatic control frees operator from physically being present to cycle MLSS.


Fluidyne’s unique Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) System is a reliable yet easily controlled wastewater treatment process that fits within limited budgets. The Fluidyne SBR eliminates the need for separate clarifiers, RAS pumps and independent anoxic and aerobic basins.


  • with a wide range of inflow and/or organic loadings
  • that require minimal operator attention
  • that require extremely close control of effluent quality, such as for removal of nutrients
  • in small to medium size communities
  • in industries with high BOD loadings such as food processing, dairies and chemical plants.

Why choose the Fluidyne's SBR?

  • Provides the highest water quality surpassing regulatory requirements
  • Provides the most economical systems available overall
  • Requires a small footprint (minimal land use)
  • Eliminates abusive odor (all treatment is underwater)
  • Requires minimum power (most treatment is during idle)
  • Requires minimal maintenance (few moving parts)

“Fluidyne’s service is impeccable! They’ve stood behind their product line by delivering exceptional service for the past 14 years”
Randy Wilkerson; Wastewater Superintendent; Chiefland, Florida

“The Fluidyne plant works great and is producing fantastic effluent. We run two different SBR systems and after familiarizing myself with different operational modes, I found the Fluidyne's SBR more reliable as it was treating the same batch volume each treatment cycle! I also liked the fact that I can adjust an emergency settle time. We have an influent EQ which allows us to program an emergency settle time the same as the regular settle! I cannot do this with the other SBR system!"
Charlie Pires, Operator; Silver Beach, Massachusetts