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Why We Don't Pass on Passivation

The passivation process is more than just cosmetic. Overall, passivation significantly improves the performance, longevity, as well as the appearance of stainless steel, making it a vital process in most municipal, industrial and commercial applications. | Posted 6/5/2024

Why Fluidyne?

Considering a new facility or improving your existing one, join the thousands who have benefited from the experience of Fluidyne. | Posted 4/3/2024

Bellevue, OH - Hydro-Grit - Installation

Another successful project removing grit and other inorganic material. | Posted 4/2/2024

Another Plant Improvement Project

Chariton, IA Project Improvement | Posted 3/27/2023

The Best System in Deland.

A recent jet aeration start up in Florida. | Posted 2/21/2023

Jet Aspirating System

Jet aspirating equipment for Logan, UT. | Posted 1/18/2023

Time for an upgrade?

Fluidyne has over 40 years of experienced innovative technology. We use it to help solve local problems. Just ask Hilliard. | Posted 1/18/2023

Costanoa Lodge

Fluidyne was called in to update an existing SBR system. | Posted 1/9/2023

Plant in Beaver Creek

Fluidyne started up a 6 MGD Jet MCR Multi-Channel Orbital BNR Process at the Beaver Creek WWTF. Fluidyne replaced existing surface rotors and mixers with jet aeration / mixing equipment. | Posted 10/22/2019

Fluidyne Announces A Brand New Website

The simple and elegant site design is part of the company's business strategy to provide current and relevant information to their customers. | Posted 4/1/2019

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