The Best System in Deland.

Technology plays an important part in today's society. New means of improving the old are a must to keep up with the trends and demands. City engineers of Deland, Florida know that to be true and just got a major upgrade to their sludge handling and processing system with Fluidyne jet aeration and mixing equipment.

The jet aeration and mixing system was installed in a 70 ft. diameter by 16 ft maximum water level sludge blending tank that handles up to a 4% solids concentration.  The equipment replaced existing coarse bubble diffusers and is designed to uniformly mix and aerate the sludge prior to disposal.   Equipment includes two 304 stainless steel jet aeration/mixing headers each with eight uni-directional jet nozzles, a pneumatic back flush and a retrievable submersible jet motive pump.  A positive displacement blower package feeds both jet aeration systems. Equipment was started up in February 2023. 

After the two-days of inspection, start-up and testing, operators were given an overview of the equipment, operational theory and a practical hands-on demonstration of the various procedures and processes, Fluidyne is, once again, pleased to provide state-of-the-art technology when it comes to wastewater treatment.