Time for an upgrade?

Is your Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) or other activated sludge process in need of a cost-effective upgrade or expansion due to it being outdated, overloaded, inefficient, or undersized? Have potential changes to your effluent requirements forced you to look at more expensive and complicated alternate wastewater treatment technologies? You do not have to start over. Fluidyne Corporation, the experienced leader in wastewater treatment equipment and technology has the solution for you. 

Regardless of the original manufacturer, Fluidyne can upgrade and convert your existing SBR or other conventional activated sludge process to a Fluidyne ISAM™ - Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix System. We can increase the hydraulic and organic capacity of your SBR, while improving performance, increasing efficiency, and reducing operating costs. The ISAM™ provides built-in flow equalization, biological nutrient removal and minimal sludge production all in one integrated process. Performance data has demonstrated 85% less sludge compared to a conventional SBR. Below is one of our many success stories.

Problem:   Hilliard, Florida’s existing SBR process could not consistently meet strict BNR effluent limits due to high TKN loading and high infiltration that was as much as three times above the original plant design.  The wastewater treatment plant also did not have adequate sludge storage and handling.  

Solution:  The City upgraded the plant to a Fluidyne ISAM™ - Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix process with integral sludge reduction, built-in flow equalization, aeration, and clarification all in one process.     The plant was able to utilize the existing SBR basin as an integral part of the process allowing for a 50% increase to the rated plant capacity while minimizing construction costs. 

Result: The City meets all required effluent limits of less than 3 mg/l TN, 5 mg/l BOD, 5 mg/l TSS and 0.2 mg/l P while handling very high peak organic and hydraulic loads.    The city has also drastically reduced the amount of sludge while increasing the sludge concentration.

In addition to being used as a complete wastewater treatment solution as at Hilliard, Florida, the ISAM-SRS™ can also be used as a stand-alone sludge reduction system to destroy, digest, and thicken waste activated sludge from any existing activated sludge process. The ISAM-SRS™ - sludge reduction system significantly reduces sludge disposal volume and lowers overall plant operating cost without the need for chemicals or polymer.

Fluidyne is an innovator through the development of products like ISAM™, SAM™, SBR, Jet MCR™ oxidation ditch, Hydro-Grit™ grit vortex separation and FFP™ cloth filtration technologies. We have supplied wastewater process equipment and technology for over 30 years with hundreds of installations throughout the world.